Services & Fees


My Coaching Program most often includes anywhere between six to ten 60-minute coaching sessions which we can determine during your 15min complimentary exploratory session. The sessions may be spread out over the next 5-8 months (or shorter) and are available virtually (by phone or Zoom/Meet).

The package includes unlimited email correspondence between sessions because navigating change doesn’t just happen in the 60-minutes we are working together. Homework will be provided to help you move forward between sessions.

Here's how the Coaching Program works: 

60 minute DISCOVERY Session

This is where we get more deeply acquainted. We will explore what it is you are longing for, why it matters and what is standing in your way of realizing your potential in a specific topic area.

60 minute OFFER Session

  • I will offer you a compassionate and concise Integral Coaching™ assessment of your Current Way of approaching this topic, what is serving and limiting you and, introduce an inspiring New Way designed to focus and support development in this area.
  • I will outline an Integral Coaching™ Program that grounds our work together in a set of key Developmental Objectives and illuminates the path to take you from where you are to where you’re going, allowing you to follow your progress, as we go, and beyond.

3-7 x 60 minute DEVELOPMENTAL COACHING Sessions

  • During Sessions: We will review and explore what is arising for you as you work through your Integral Coaching™ Program and make the connections between what you are experiencing and how to use that information to leverage growth. At the end of each session, we will co-create a new customized practice for you to work with, designed to support and focus your development in just the right places, scaled and adjusted to fit your progress, at the right time.
  • Between Sessions:
    • you will commit to doing the practices we design together to help you build awareness and capacity.
    • I will be available for email “Check-ins” for accountability and support – this is not me peeking over your shoulder. I want you to receive my support and guidance when you most need it.

60 Minute COMPLETION Session

  • This sessions gives us an opportunity to take in all that you have accomplished and underline your growth and allows you to feel the fullness of what has specifically changed for you during this intense Integral Coaching™ Program. We will look at how you can maintain the momentum you have generated, on your own, and prepare for potential challenges as you go solo.


Coaching Program
- 5-8 month Coaching Program | $2000-$3200*

Individual Sessions
- 15min Exploratory session | free
- 1 hr Resume & Cover Letter or LinkedIn / Application session | $150*

*We accept e-transfers to or you pay securely online. Coaching services are also tax-deductible!

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