Working with me

Do you have a challenge you need support in? A professional goal you want to reach? Westend Coaching is wildly invested in the growth and development of people, and as your Professional Development Coach, I will help get you to the next level, and hold you accountable for ALL of the changes you seek.

Shyle Braithwaite, Coach

Shyle lives and works (100% remotely) in London Ontario alongside his wife, and two kids. As well as coaching, Shyle is the Director of Customer Success at an eCommerce Marketing Agency, and an author.

My Training and Method

I trained intensively with Integral Coaching Canada to certify in 2020 as an Integral Associate Coach™. Integral Coaching™ is a holistic process of deep human transformation and growth widely acknowledged to be the cutting edge of the coaching practice. Developed by Joanne Hunt and Laura Divine, founders of Integral Coaching Canada, the power of the Integral Coaching™ methodology comes from its unique weave of knowledge, insight and practice from all the major human disciplines, including: development psychology, biology, cognitive science, philosophy, and spirituality.

The Integral Coaching™ method leverages my own deep wisdom and compassion with a comprehensive set of tools to meet you exactly where you are, in all of your uniqueness and complexity in service to your needs and desires. I combine openness and acceptance with a strong capacity to cut through the weeds and get right to the heart of things. I don’t mince words, I value your time with deep respect for your developmental pace and arc. You identify your longings and goals and I will help get you there in exactly the time it takes for you to embody real and meaningful change.

The Integral Coaching™ process is powered by a customized Coaching Program designed by me in response to your expressed capacities, strengths, and goals. The Program guides all of our work together and provides a place to anchor your growth as you cultivate new perspectives and habits of thought, feeling, and relating. Along the way, we cultivate the systems of accountability and ongoing support that best serve you.