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I worked with Shyle as my coach in the Summer of 2020. Shyle was able to get at the heart of the challenge I was experiencing through working with me on my current way of being and my new way  of being. I experienced significant improvements and even greater awareness then I had prior to working with Shyle. I am someone who has pretty strong self awareness but the way that Shyle was able to get at the heart of my challenge and not only untangle it for me, but also outline a clear path forward, all while being very compassionate and understanding was something I had never experienced before and it was life changing to have worked through the Integral coaching program with him. The clarity, kindness and self efficacy that was afforded to me through working with Shyle was priceless and I can't recommend him and his services enough! 

Nicole P

I began working with Shyle in the second half of 2020 and I'm very thankful I did. Through our work together I've been able to get more clarity on where I want to go and what is in the way of me getting there. Having someone like Shyle helping me understand my current ways of thinking about my growth and holding me accountable to reflecting on new ways of thinking and knowing has changed me for the better. Shyle is the kind of coach that communicates with honesty, empathy and compassion. He makes the challenging work of personal development feel like a team effort. I would highly encourage anyone that is considering or actively looking for a coach to work with Shyle! 

Nick L

I have used various Coaches to inspire change, motivate, and to "level-up" my career. I can say confidently that Shyle's tactics, support, and highly personable approach is best in class. Shyle is able to listen and prescribe actionable tasks to ensure I am doing the RIGHT work to get me to the next stage in my career. I highly recommended Shyle for career professionals looking to build for their next chapter. 

Jenn C

Being a person of colour, it can be quite difficult to navigate an ambitious career path in the tech industry, and Shyle was able to create an open & honest environment where I felt comfortable to be vulnerable about my flaws and where I needed to improve. His feedback as absolutely pivotal in giving me confidence in order to grow towards my goals. I believe I was able to have exponential impact for my team and organization due to Shyle's guidance. His coaching style is one of the best I've experienced as he spent so much time to learn my personal motivation and adjusted his strategy to my personal work style. I highly recommend Shyle as a coach if you are ready to make a significant change in the a positive direction.

Jenyo A

Shyle has extraordinary skills working with people; the speed and clarity with which he can evaluate an issue and understand the heart of the problem is astounding. Shyle helped me understand my own inner motivations and behaviour better than anyone has before. He then gave me actionable feedback and work I could do to help me improve in my career. Not only that, but it's helped me understand how I react to situations outside of the workplace as well and helped me in my personal life. Shyle's knack for challenging people and understanding them makes him a phenomenal coach. I'm grateful to have had the chance to work with him.

Jennifer D

I was lucky enough to receive coaching from Shyle in the Spring of 2021 and it was an excellent experience. I can admit that when I began with our coaching sessions I was not in the best mental space but Shyle was able to meet me where I was and create a set of goals that were perfectly tailored to my needs. Despite my limited capacity, I was able to reach my objectives and then some. I highly recommend Shyle’s coaching sessions to anyone that is looking to make a positive impact upon themselves - his empathetic approach and ability to hold people accountable make his sessions the perfect tool for self-improvement.

Addie V